What is Connection Magazine?

Written, edited and illustrated by FA members, Connection shares stories from FA members’ broad experience of food addiction and their recovery.

The magazine publishes 10 issues a year, with two combination issues –
January/February and July/August.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you need 90 days to submit?

Yes, you need 90 days of continuous abstinence in order to submit art or articles.

How long does the article need to be?

All article specifications can be found under the “Submit” link on our website. Click on “Writers Guidelines” link.

Can I get help writing my article? Can someone help me edit my article?

Yes, writing coaches available, as well as editors who will be happy to help you polish your article. Contact information for Writing Coaches is on the Connection reps page.

I want to contribute artwork or photographs, but I do not know where to start.

FIRST read the entire Artists Guidelines section. It covers all the important information you’ll need to get started.
If you feel inspired to submit art or photos, do NOT be afraid! Even if your art doesn’t get published, the experience itself, and the willingness to do service is immeasurable.

Can I still submit an article if not in a specific font?

It is preferable to use Times New Roman 12 pt., but if that is not possible, the font can be changed in the editing process.

How will I know when my article will appear?

There’s no way to be sure even if your submission will be published, but the act of writing your story is a wonderful way to gain clarity and be of service. Since it is not possible to know for sure when your article will be published, it’s great to keep up your subscription and check out the magazine on a regular basis.

How come I never hear from Connection about the article/art I sent in months ago?

Due to the volume of submissions and available time our committee devotes to service, it is not possible to notify each member of the status of their article. Now you will receive an instant online acknowledgement at the bottom of the page when you click “submit” so you can be sure we have received your information and art or article. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

Can I submit a poem, letter to God, or diary entry?

As of now, Connection has not printed any poems, or specifically formatted “letters to God.” It is, however, possible to turn a personal journal entry into a wonderful story. Our experience indicates that the most inspiring and compelling stories are written in a personal and truly authentic voice.

Also, if your submission falls outside of what Connection is able to print, writing coaches and editors will be happy to work with you to help make it more usable.

Keep in mind that it’s best to share your story by reflecting on the pain and misery of food addiction, what it was like being under/overweight, dealing with the mental obsession, the compulsion of overexercising, the benefits and structure of weighing and measuring, staying abstinent even when traveling, the support of FA tools, your first 90 days, and the rewards and promises that come with abstinence and recovery.

How do I subscribe to Connection?

You can click on the tab for subscriptions and follow the instructions.

How do we host a writing session?

Please visit our Connection Writing Sessions page for more information.

How do I change a meeting subscription to the address of the new Connection rep?

Please log on to the subscription page and follow the instructions.