Connection Reps

Listed below is information we encourage you to share with fellows about writing and submitting art for connection at your upcoming  business meeting during the connection report, in your outreach calls and in one-on-one conversations at meetings.

Check out the Service Position Requirements pages to find out more about what a connection Rep does!

CURRENT SERVICE OPPORTUNITY – The connection Editors Team is looking for new members! If you are a good writer, love to edit and have at least 2 years of abstinence, please consider joining the team. Email if interested.

Become a Connection Rep for Your Meeting

Connection Reps subscribe to connection to sell at their meeting and raise awareness of the magazine among fellow members. They also encourage FA members to write and submit their stories. To become a connection rep for your meeting, volunteer at your meeting’s monthly business meeting. If you have any questions or need further information about how to become a connection rep, please email the connection Rep coordinator at

Conference Call Calendar

These are the upcoming conference call dates for connection Reps.


connection Rep Conference Calls

Sundays 3pm EST/12pm PT


January 17

March 21

May 16

July 18

September 19

Nov 21

What can I tell other members about submitting articles?

  • Writers should submit (attach) their articles ONLINE HERE.
  • Remind writers to include their first name, last initial, city/state/country, and email address with the story.
  • FA connection writing coaches, who are available to help writers with stories for the magazine, can be reached at If people ask for assistance, you can share this email address.

What can I tell other members about submitting art?

  • Artists should visit the Art Guidelines here!  It has everything they need to know.
  • Artists should submit art and photography ONLINE HERE.

Talking Points for Your FA Business Meeting

  • connection is seeking art and articles from all those with 90 days or more of abstinence.
  • We have guidelines to help you with your story and writing coaches are available to assist you, too. 

Helpful Tips

  • Don’t do a hard sell.
  • If you hear great sharing or qualification at a meeting, suggest to the fellow that they write it for connection.
  • If you know someone who is an artist or photographer, encourage them to submit it.
  • One-on-one chats help remind people of the tremendous service opportunity available to support the entire worldwide fellowship through connection.
If you have any questions or need further information, please email the connection Rep coordinator at