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She Gave FA a Second Chance

August 7, 2018 Published by

Embracing the FA Program in its Entirety Put Paula on the Road to Recovery

When Paula walked into a Food Addicts meeting four months ago, it was not her first experience with the organization. Ten years ago, she had attended a few Food Addicts meetings, had a sponsor, and a food plan, but did not fully commit to the program. She was working full time and raising three children, and attending only one meeting a week. She did not make phone calls, read any literature, do any writing, take any quiet time, or prepare food in advance. Paula soon left the program, thinking there must be an easier way, but she never found another program. Instead, she found herself gaining and losing weight, and then gaining it back again.

Ten years later, Paula found herself in a different place. Her children were grown. She was working part-time. She had a profound feeling of, “If not now, when?” When she walked into her first meeting, she saw only thin people who welcomed her with open arms. At her third meeting she found a sponsor and began to feel hope.

During the first few weeks, Paula found it challenging to prepare her meals, call her sponsor, make three additional calls a FA meetings, talk to sponsor, write gratitude lists, stay abstinent day, read, write, and attend three FA meetings a week. She was often tired as she detoxed from sugar. She took many naps and rested as needed.

Despite the challenges, Paula understood that she needed to embrace the entire FA program, rather than just pick and choose aspects of it as she had done previously. She knew she had to put her recovery first, her family second, and work third.

As time passed, things got easier. Paula was no longer fatigued, she wrote gratitude lists, and called people with long-term abstinence. She sat quietly every day asking God to show her the next right action and how to change her negative thoughts. Not only was she losing weight, but she was feeling better.

When Paula was two months abstinent, her husband asked if they could go out to dinner to celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary. Paula told her husband she was hesitant because she didn’t want to jeopardize her program. Her husband understood.

Paula came home that evening to a note from her husband on the refrigerator inviting her to a picnic dinner. He had purchased her favorite abstinent protein. No food served in any restaurant could have tasted better to Paula than her husband’s unconditional love and support.

Paula says the FA program is working for her this time because she is following the program as it is laid out. She is open, honest, and willing to admit that she cannot not do this alone. She knows she needs help from something outside herself, a loving God and the special assistance of a sponsor, both of which she is eternally grateful for.

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